THE PROXY DIET – A Practical Guide to Self-Analysis and Healing

    Have you ever pondered why despite the outward appearance of normalcy or success, countless individuals go to bed at night with a heavy heart and no sense of contentment whatsoever? There seems to be a dark force robbing the modern human of a unique opportunity to enjoy a fulfilling existence. In a society overrun by fear and unreasonable expectations, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to pinpoint exactly where the problem lies. This uncomfortable state of perpetual emotional drain often makes a person silently question – “What is wrong with me?”

    “THE PROXY DIET,” is a transformative guidebook that delves into the world of introspective psychological analysis and hints at the boundless power one could garner from reconnecting with the Authentic Inner Self. This intellectual excursion offers unique perspectives on mind energy and self-analysis in relation to emotional well-being.

    Crafted with meticulous precision, the chapters of this book serve as a roadmap to a holistic understanding of emotional trauma and other psychological constructs that often dictate a person’s overall sense of satisfaction or happiness. Readers will find inspiration in relatable real-life stories, case studies, profound insights, practical tools, and actionable steps toward inner peace. “THE PROXY DIET” is an open invitation to embark on an enlightening journey of self-fulfillment.


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    “This book is not only enlightening but enriching as well.
    It is a masterpiece.

    – Helen Bright

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    THE PROXY DIET is a comprehensive guide to self-analysis, providing readers with the tools and insights needed to navigate the complexities of their psychological makeup. With a focus on practical techniques and real-life stories, this book is a must-read for anyone seeking inner peace and self-fulfillment.  

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    About the Author:

    Tevi D. Lawson was born in Brussels to West African parents from Togo. In 2001, he relocated to the United States in pursuit of higher education and personal growth. Raised in a profoundly religious household, Tevi faced tremendous pressure to conform, straining his relationship with his father and fracturing their family bonds. His choice to study abroad forced him to rapidly transition from a sheltered church upbringing to navigating language barriers and cultural juxtaposition as a foreign student.

    Throughout his life, Tevi dealt with political instability in his homeland, experienced life as a refugee, and lost family support due to his divergence from religious norms. The untimely loss of his mother on his twenty-sixth birthday was a pivotal moment for Tevi, compelling him to redefine his self-identity and devise reliable methods of dealing with emotional pain. For Tevi, developing mental and emotional resilience became a matter of life or death.

    Over nearly two decades, Tevi transformed adversity into triumph from nearly succumbing to despair to emerging as a thriving entrepreneur through relentless self-analysis, intense studies around mental health, and the exploration of various wellness methods. His journey led him to uncover the key to self-discovery and the earth-shattering power that comes with finding inner peace. As a seasoned advocate of mind-energy Self-Analysis, Tevi is now determined to share his transformative wisdom with the world.

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